Sustainability Overview

2021 was still a challenging year for all healthcare businesses globally, including Mitra Keluarga. A low number of vaccinations, coupled with weak enforcement of health protocols in the community, has led to widespread COVID-19 infections. Such a high number of COVID-19 cases has significantly impacted our operational performance as a healthcare provider facing the challenge of limited supply of medications, insufficient supply of medical oxygen, and a limited number of appropriatelytrained medical personnel.

However, such a problematic situation has not deterred us from providing superior healthcare services. Reflecting on the pandemic experience we went through in 2020, Mitra Keluarga has fortified a strong business foundation, so that we can quickly and responsively react to problems arising in critical situations.

We define “sustainability” as a key aspect of our ongoing efforts to provide all communities and stakeholders with optimal healthcare services. As a result, we must ensure that all aspects of Mitra Keluarga’s healthcare services are well-prepared, from human resources to health facilities and patient safety management.

We believe that the most crucial factor in providing exceptional health care is the quality of our human resources. We are currently striving to recruit the finest talent for Mitra Keluarga, starting with offering scholarships to collaborating with educational institutions.

We have incorporated a digitalization system to our organization, one component of which is a talent development system. Those talented individuals selected can undertake on demand training to suit their schedules. This system also facilitates employee monitoring and evaluation, allowing Mitra Keluarga to plan the most suitable talent development programs.

Mitra Keluarga has also begun digitizing a service system for our patients. Digitalization allows patients to obtain proper health care access anytime and anywhere. This system also assists us in streamlining service, thereby reducing the length of stay for hospitalized patients.

The competency of doctors and nurses are not the only crucial factors in healthcare services. An exceptional health care system also involves various divisions in hospital. Each division has to work together to provide the best healthcare services for our patients. Therefore, caring and teamwork are the most important values for us. We believe that by adhering to these values, we will be able to continue providing the patient’s healthcare journey with no impediments.

We realize that support from all stakeholders is essential to help create superior health services for people. Therefore, we continue various efforts to support communities in our surroundings, by providing medical assistance and education to 80 public health centers around Mitra Keluarga’s operational areas. Through this commitment, we hope to strengthen the public health system as well as impede the transmission rate of the COVID-19 virus.

We believe that all of our efforts to promote sustainability will allow us to faithfully support patients’ healthcare needs. We also wish to express our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders for contributing to Mitra Keluarga’s journey to provide quality healthcare services. Hopefully we can continue working together toward our goal of sustainable services.