CEO's Message

Ir. Rustiyan Oen, MBA

The health industry is one of the important industries along with the growth and development of the Indonesian state because it is an important factor in increasing productivity and welfare of the community. Mitra Keluarga, as one of the companies engaged in the health industry, continues to provide the best service to society for the betterment of the nation.

Mitra Keluarga contributes to providing health services with a strong value that is embedded in every employee in order to provide the best service for the community. Currently Mitra Keluarga continues to grow and develop both in the number of hospitals to increase service capacity and also in terms of service quality in order to continue to satisfy customers. With the rapid advancement of technology, Mitra Keluarga continues to innovate and keep up with technological developments in order to facilitate the services provided to the community. All of the growth, expansion and development carried out by Mitra Keluarga is in line with Mitra Keluarga's vision to be a leading customer-focused health service provider.

Mitra Keluarga serves the community for all income segments consisting of upper, middle and lower segments. Mitra Keluarga also actively participates in serving patients with the National Health Insurance (JKN) to support the Government in organizing health and social insurance programs which are certainly aimed at prioritizing community welfare. This is in line with Mitra Keluarga's mission to commit to optimizing the quality of life of many people with loving, trustworthy and customer-focused service.

The Company realizes that implementing GCG has direct relevance to the Company's performance, because the final value of GCG is to improve performance and build a positive image of the Company. Full governance to implement corporate governance at all levels of the organization, based on regulations and requirements of Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

Supported by the trust of customers and the community, Mitra Keluarga will continue to innovate, develop, and improve themselves to increase its contribution to all stakeholders, in life and give value to its mission to improve health for a better life.